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A Personal Note from our Women’s Ministries Director

Dear friends, I asked a group of women once if they could describe the Women's Ministry of EFCW. One woman answered as follows: 'No matter where you are in life, spiritually or chronologically, there is a place for you to be involved and grow". Through the grace of God and the working of the Holy Spirit in us, may this statement be found to be true! Our ministries come ...

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Do You Really Want Your Kids to Be Good?

Pray that we would always keep Christ at the center of our teaching, that the gospel would be emphasized in all we teach, and that the children at EFCW would truly understand that Jesus did not come to turn them from ‘bad’ to ‘moral’, but that he came to transform them from ‘dead’ to ‘alive’....

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Praying for E-Kids

This past month I have been praying for the children at EFCW in a new and exciting way. Rather than general prayers of "please bless E-Kids", I've been praying 3 specific things for each child by name that he/she would develop a hunger for things of God; that he/she would become the person God created him/her to be; and that he/she would honor parents and resist rebellio...

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A Re-Cap of Our Women’s Retreat 2015

What a joy, and what a delight it was! 59 women, all with different stories, ages, and backgrounds, gathered at Green Lake Bible Camp last Friday and Saturday for our annual winter retreat for women. The theme of the retreat was "Abide", as taken from the John 15 passage in the Bible regarding the vine and the branches. Our facilitator was Dr. Christine Osgood from the Tw...

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Pilate, Jesus, and Barabbas: The Great Exchange

All of the gospels record for us an interaction that is often overlooked in the passion narrative. It takes place between Jesus, Pilate, and a man named Barabbas. We do not know much about this Barabbas except for what Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John tell us. We do know that he was a notorious prisoner (Matt. 27:16), a rebel (Mk. 15:7), a murderer (Lk. 23:25), and a robber (...

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Wiping the Slate Clean

On April 29 in Kidtricity (our Wednesday night program for 3rd-5th graders), the kids made a tool that they can use to focus on prayer and Bible reading for the summer as they abide in Jesus. We talked about the ACTS prayer model (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication) and they put together a lap book that they could use to help them remember those parts o...

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Nairo Quintana is a Columbian cyclist who is one of the top contenders in the tour de France road race. His story is unique in that he has overcome some great odds to become a great cyclist. He was born almost 3,000 meters above sea level in the small Colombian town of Tunja to a family of fruit and vegetable sellers. He was born with a life threatening disease that he ove...

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How will You Use Your Inspired Imagination Today?

Inspired imagination is a God given gift to men and women. Part of being made in His image is a marvelous capacity to imagine and create. This imagination is inspired in the sense that it is a God given gift. Reflections of this imagination are seen in artwork, a car, a book, a friendship, a business, a farm, a quilt, a building, an organization, a medication, a plane soar...

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