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Love for God and a love for His people is the only lasting motivator for a lifelong commitment to the local church. ...

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Grace Causes...

BlogGrace Causes

How many times do we walk past people without really seeing them? How does God see them? The gospel tells us we are no longer under law, but we live in Grace with Jesus Christ....

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Tech Tip 7

WebTech Tip

Develop a technology use policy before the school year begins/Intentionally schedule tech-free times at the beginning of your week. ...

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Tech Tip 1

WebTech Tip

Reduce the amount of your daily “mindless” screen time and replace it with activities that encourage relationship and creativity....

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Nairo Quintana is a Columbian cyclist who is one of the top contenders in the tour de France road race. His story is unique in that he has overcome some great odds to become a great cyclist. He was born almost 3,000 meters above sea level in the small Colombian town of Tunja to a family of fruit and vegetable sellers. He was born with a life threatening disease that he ove...

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