The Age of Re-Purposing

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Everywhere I go, I see shops filled with beautiful repurposed furniture! It is a wildly popular trend these days: to gently love an old worn out piece of furniture and breathe fresh life into it with new paint, hinges, and hardware. The process amazes me, actually. I tip my hat to those of you who have that creative bent within you, and can see a way to use an item that I just cannot see!
During this time of my life, God, the Master Creator of all, is repurposing me! As I retire from my position at Living Hope as your Director of Women’s Ministries, I am experiencing God breathing fresh life into me as well! I like the furniture analogy: He is sawing off the legs of an office desk, and turning me into a coffee table. He is always tweaking, always making things new, and is never done breathing fresh life into those who submit to His hand.
God has wired me to be in relationships with women, and as I step away from my office desk, I envision many opportunities to connect with women at a coffee table…sharing life, sharing God’s Word, and talking about the Master Carpenter. I am looking forward to serving in the Kingdom until the day I die! It is a privilege that I value highly.
Thank you, Living Hope family, for allowing me the privilege of serving in this role for the past nine years. I look forward to seeing what God has planned for me in this next season of life….
Jesus, may I be open to your gentle hand.

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