Biblical Discipleship

October 25, 2015 Speaker: Don Reigstad

Topic: Spiritual Growth Passage: Matthew 28:16–28:20, Ephesians 5:1–5:21

What Matters Most – Fall 2015 Series 
October 25, 2015 - Biblical Discipleship, Matthew 28:18-20; Ephesians 5:1-21

What Matters Most:
God’s Glory
The Gospel Story
Loving Relationships
Biblical Discipleship

Together - we are seeking this “treasure”.

Describe a time in your life when you felt without purpose and subsequently depressed.

What comes to mind – negatively and positively – when you hear the word, “discipleship”?

Read Matthew 28:18-20. Why do you suppose Jesus felt the need to preface His direction to the disciples with these words, “All power, in heaven and earth, has been given to men”?

Why do you think that “walking” is a good motif for discipleship?

A. Walk Intentionally (vv. 1-2)
     a. Talk about an “accidental adventure” you had that turned out well/not so well. Why not live your life            that way?

     b. Follow Stephen Covey’s advice and “plan your funeral”.

               i. What Scriptures do you want read…songs to be song…

               ii. Who’s doing a eulogy? What do you want them to say? 

     c. What’s your occupation? Your vocation?

B. Walk Uprightly (vv. 3-14) 

     a. A debate! Number off one/two/one/two…and “ones” move to one end of the room; “twos” to the                  other end. Ones argue that identity leads behavior; twos argue that behavior defines you. Have fun!            Who was most convincing…why?

     b. How can we avoid legalism and an atmosphere of condemnation while also emphasizing holiness of           behavior? 

C. Walk Together (vv. 15-21) 

     a. What part does the Spirit play in discipleship?

     b. What else strikes you about verses 15-18?

     c. Read again v. 19. Assuming that Paul is speaking about more than just a “worship gathering”, how              do we live this out?

     d. Read again v. 20. Prepositions matter!!! Do you agree with Pastor Don’s interpretation that giving                thanks “for” everything would be better translated “concerning” given the overall biblical context?                How does 1 Thessalonians 5:18?

     e. What has been the hardest (that you care to share) thing that you have ever had to give thank                      for/concerning?

Conclusion: If you have the voices, or the guts, sing a simple song together before leaving. Suggestions include: God is so Good, Give Thanks, Jesus loves Me, etc.