Hurry Up And Wait...

September 10, 2017 Series: Acts - Click sermon title for sermon notes

Topic: Church Life Passage: Acts 1:1–1:11

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  1. What is your view of the purpose of the church – have you seen it as an end in itself, or as a place to meet your needs?...or as a “means” to accomplishing an impossible purpose – living and carrying the gospel to people near and far regardless of their background.

  1. In your own Christian walk….and as a church…are we relaying on our own strength or are you depending on the power of Jesus’ Spirit?

    Share examples from your own life…either of self-reliance or of Spirit dependence…

    Right now in your life, and as church…what do we need to be depending on the Spirit’s power to do, rather than try to do ourselves?

  1. Every believer is a missionary…we are all to be witnesses. (read the attached article by Calvin Miller and then talk with others about

    Where has the Lord placed you as a missionary?

    Do you have at least 2 significant relationships with not-yet-Christians?
    What are you (or could you) do as a next step in being a witness where he has placed you?

  1. Invest time praying with others…for your own faith life..and for the Spirit’s moving among us at Living Hope – that we would be majoring on Jesus’s purpose…relaying on His power.

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