Step Across the Threshold

November 26, 2017 Speaker: Paul Murphy Series: Acts - Click sermon title for sermon notes

Topic: Outreach Passage: Acts 11:1–11:26

Use these questions with others to apply today’s sermon:

Honestly, where are you in having Jesus’ heart toward sinful, non-Christian people in your life?

Do some self-examination. Is your heart more religious than “Christian”?


To help you reflect on this, ask yourself, am I moving toward relationship with sinful people or am I avoiding them?


 Is my heart attitude a desire to share the Good News of life in Christ with them or do I judge and criticize them?


 How would your neighbors, co-workers, classmates describe you? Would they describe you as a little Christ?


Spend time sharing your honest responses with someone else...then pray together about your own heart becoming like Jesus’ own heart toward sinners. (Mark 2:15-17).

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