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People of Hope | Romans 15:1-7
David Shaw
David Shaw
Sunday, October 8, 2023
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Text:  Romans 15:1-7
People of Hope


People of Hope…

  • Build their neighbor up       vv. 1-2
  • Through Christ’s Example  vv. 3-4
  • To the glory of God              vv. 5-7

Discussion Questions:

1.  What is an example in your life where you have seemingly lost hope in someone, something, or regarding an outcome? Or, is there a time in your life where you didn’t lose hope when others did?
2.  The Greek term translated as “hope” in Romans 15 is elpis. It refers to an expectation, a confidence, or an expectant trust in an outcome. What is the elpis in Romans 15:4 speaking to or about? In other words, what is the object of this elpis?
3.  How do we maintain elpis as believers and followers in the Anointed One (that is, Christ), Jesus?
4.  In verses 3-4, Paul quotes the words of David in Psalm 69:9, but he applies them to Jesus and his example for us. What was Jesus’ example in this context? What are we to follow? 
5.  How is a unified church a reliable “vehicle” to glorify God? Why is it such a big deal if unity is lacking?
6.  Why is the reminder that what God is doing through Christ is ultimately about God’s glory (even if we benefit from what he’s doing) vital to our walks as believers?