The Men’s Ministry seeks to encourage, equip, and enable the men of Living Hope for God-honoring service to their family, church, and community. We desire to see men: be brought into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; be encouraged and edified in their walks of faith; grow in their knowledge and application of Scripture; lead their families and others in the body of Christ; and actively disciple others and share the gospel in the community.

Wed. Night Bible Studies    6:00-7:30 pm

The Book of Jude—Fight for the Faith.  This short letter that Jude, the brother of Jesus, wrote was to encourage believers to fight for the faith that was delivered to them in the midst of a world opposed to Christ and where false teaching was running rampant. It is a remarkably dense and theologically rich book of the Bible considering how short it is.  Join us for this 12-week study starting on January 11.  ROOM 204

1-2 Timothy & Titus.  These letters are sometimes called the pastoral epistles, and they are three letters written by Paul towards the end of his ministry. These along with Philemon are the only letters of Paul addressed to specific people and not whole church bodies. While Paul addresses Timothy and Titus, young ministry leaders, these letters contain beautiful teachings on the gospel, preserving in it, and life and faith. All men should strive to exemplify the qualities taught in these letters! Join us for this 12-week study starting on January 11.  ROOM 103

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