Ephesians 2:10

Title:  Share the Spiritual Impact

Text: Ephesians 2:10


I. Crafted to be Family

II. Purpose of Family

III. Walking as Family

Personal Reflection & Small Group Questions

Please complete this study on your own, then bring it to your small group for discussion.

Looking back over your notes from this week’s sermon and text, what particularly caught your attention, challenged, or confused you?

Why does Paul start with the word “for”? How is Good works contrasted to in the previous verses?

Who has God given the mission of the church?

Is it possible to do “good works” apart from a relationship with Jesus? What is the difference between a Christian doing good works and a non-believer doing good works?

Pray that God would open a door for you to share the good news of Jesus Christ with someone. Pray that God would give you the words to speak of his loving sacrifice for all those would believe.

How is God calling you to share to the spiritual impact of the church family?

Write your answer: _______________________