Exodus 20:13

Title: Pro-Life

Text: Exodus 20:13


  • Life is Sacred
  • Life is Eternal
  • Life is Worth Protecting

Application Questions:

1.      On the surface, this command seems simple. When you dig deeper, suddenly it seems we may all be guilty of murder. When was a time you were angry at someone? How has God healed you of that experience?

2.      What actions can you take toward someone you do not like, that are positive, to move you in a direction of obedience to this commandment?

3.      How does this command (or any of the others) help you see your need for grace?

4.      How does Jesus' teaching on loving our enemies relate to this commandment? (Matthew 5:43-48)

5.      God calls us to be for life. How does the concept of human beings made in the image of God impact our understanding of the sacredness of life? (Genesis 1:27)

6.      How can we practically show respect for the sanctity of life in a world where life is often devalued?