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Does Church Attendance Matter?


Church attendance in America is on the decline--that is no secret. But biblically speaking, does church attendance really matter? ...

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Bible Reading Resources


Within the pages of Scripture we find the very Word of God--given to us for His glory and our good. Want to hear from the Spirit of God in 2017? Open your Bible....

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Pilate, Jesus, and Barabbas: The Great Exchange

All of the gospels record for us an interaction that is often overlooked in the passion narrative. It takes place between Jesus, Pilate, and a man named Barabbas. We do not know much about this Barabbas except for what Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John tell us. We do know that he was a notorious prisoner (Matt. 27:16), a rebel (Mk. 15:7), a murderer (Lk. 23:25), and a robber (...

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Nairo Quintana is a Columbian cyclist who is one of the top contenders in the tour de France road race. His story is unique in that he has overcome some great odds to become a great cyclist. He was born almost 3,000 meters above sea level in the small Colombian town of Tunja to a family of fruit and vegetable sellers. He was born with a life threatening disease that he ove...

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How will You Use Your Inspired Imagination Today?

Inspired imagination is a God given gift to men and women. Part of being made in His image is a marvelous capacity to imagine and create. This imagination is inspired in the sense that it is a God given gift. Reflections of this imagination are seen in artwork, a car, a book, a friendship, a business, a farm, a quilt, a building, an organization, a medication, a plane soar...

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