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Fellow Workers in Christ | Romans 16:1-23
David Capistrant
David Capistrant
Sunday, November 5, 2023
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Text: Romans 16:1-23

Title: Fellow Workers in Christ


  • Gospel Relationships 1-16
  • Danger of False Relationships  17-20
  • Greetings from Co-workers  21-23

Personal Reflection & Small Group Questions

Please complete this study on your own, then bring it to your small group for discussion.

  1. How many of these names listed are men and how many are women? What significance do you think this has for the church today?
  2. What qualities does Paul attribute to these names listed? How does what Paul finds commendable differ from the values we tend to celebrate in our society today?
  3. Why is the false teaching (16:17) from those who practice “smooth talk and flattering words” (16:18) so dangerous?
  4. How can separating from these people and avoiding them (16:17) preserve unity?
  5. How can you support your co-church member as a fellow worker in Christ this week?
  6. Looking back over this week’s sermon and study, what one thing is most important for you to remember and apply?