Philippians 2:1-5

Title: Protect Spiritual Maturity

Text: Philippians 2:1-5


Protect the Spiritual Maturity of the Church by…

I. Complete his joy (v. 2)

II. Do nothing selfish (v. 3)

III. Count others more significant (v. 3)

IV. Look to others’ interests (v. 4)

Application Questions

1. Review or answer for the first time your answer to last week’s last question: “How is God calling you to contribute to the spiritual maturity of the church?”

2. How does “being of one mind” complete Paul’s joy? What is the joy he speaks of? Can this joy come and go, or is it constant?

3. Thinking of Paul’s analogy of the church as a human body, given that there are different parts with different functions, how does that inform our view of how we protect spiritual maturity? In other words, are there similar things we all should be doing, or does everyone have a different job to do?

4. READ Philippians 3:12-16. In light of the fact that the word “perfect” in verse 12 is the same root word used in verse 15 that is translated as “mature,” what does it mean to be “mature” in Paul’s understanding here? What is he encouraging his readers to do?

5. Why does the church family need protecting?

6. How is God calling you to protect the spiritual maturity of the church family?