Matthew 13:44; Isaiah 52:7-10

The Gift of Joy…

I.    Sees Value in the Gift (Matt. 13:44)

II.   Is Based on God’s Promises (Is. 52:7-10)

III.  Is From the Spirit

Application Questions

1. Thinking back to last week’s message, discuss what biblical hope looks like. How should the gift of hope this Christmas season spur us on to action?

2. What is the greatest news you have every received? Why did it fill you with such joy?

3. Define biblical joy and compare and contrast it with the concept of happiness.

4. Read Isaiah 52:7-10. Pay attention to verses 9-10. Verse 9 starts with His people in joyous song. Now, note the actions of God in these verses and the tenses they are presented in. Discuss the implications of these verses for our joy in the Lord.

5.  If joy is ultimately from the Spirit of God, then what role do our attitudes and choices play in it? (Read Galatians 5:22; 2 Corinthians 6:10; Psalm 105:43)

6. What place does the gift of joy ought to have in your life? How should it affect your actions and thoughts?