Romans 14:1-9

Text:     Romans 14:1-9

Title:    Loving Unity


  • Don’t Judge One Another (vv. 1-4)
  • Honor the Lord (vv. 5-9)

Discussion Questions:

  1. Last week, we talked about outdoing one another with loving acts. How can you do this? How does this “fulfill the law” as Paul says in Romans 13?
  2. Summarize Romans 14:1-9 in a few sentences. What’s at the heart of Paul’s point? What is the main theme/encouragement of his teaching?
  3. Why are we so easily at times tempted to judge others? What’s at the root of our judgment?
  4. How do we determine gospel/salvation related issues (consider Galatians 1:8-9 and 1 Corinthians 5:13) over and against “disputable matters” (“opinions,” ESV rendering)?
  5. What are some “disputable matters” that might be relevant to our context today? Are any of these particularly important to you? Why?
  6. How can we pursue loving unity in the gospel while still honoring the Lord with our differing understandings of certain doctrinal pieces?