Romans 15:14-21

Text: Romans 15:14-21

Title: People are the Mission


  • Love for people v14-17
  • Christ is the Message v18-19
  • To Reach All People! V20-21


  1. Looking back over your notes from this week’s sermon and text, what particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?
  2. How would you put Romans 15:16 in your own words?
  3. In Romans 15:21, Paul paraphrases Isaiah 52:15 (with a slight change). Go back and read Isaiah 52:7 - 53:12. How is Isaiah’s prophecy fulfilled and what is Paul’s role in this fulfillment?
  4. Paul repeats the ideas that he is proud of the work he has done for the gospel (15:17) and that he has fulfilled the ministry to which he has been called (15:17-19). What would it look like for you to say you were proud of your ministry as Paul was?
  5. What role do you play in the mission of God to reach all people?
  6. Looking back over this week’s sermon and study, what one thing is most important for you to remember and apply?