Membership at Living Hope is more than a simple statement of where you worship.  It is a commitment to the mission and ministries of Living Hope. Members serve together as we experience intimacy with God, influence in our community and impact in the world with the gospel of Christ! As you connect with this local body of believers, you can develop a deeper sense of significance and belonging in the family of God.

The Process of Joining Our Family

There are a few steps we ask every individual to take as part of the process of joining our community of faith family here at Living Hope.

One:  Membership Matters Course

The best way to get to know our heart and get a real, in-depth view of our culture and community is to attend our Membership Matters Course.  Visit our Registrations page to sign up.

Two:  Membership Application

A Membership Application provides us with information about your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and involvement at Living Hope.  You can complete this form online or print a copy and complete it at home.

Three:  Interview With Elders

After you attend the Membership Matters course and your application is received, you will be asked to schedule a time to visit with a couple of the elders in a "get to know you" session.

Four:  Recommendation and Approval

Upon completion of a membership interview, elders will recommend your membership to the congregation at the next Congregational Meeting. Living Hope members will be asked to approve the recommendation(s).