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The Gospel of God | Romans | "Free Gift of God"

Oct 2, 2022    David Capistrant
Title: Free Gift of God

I. Slaves to Something 15-18
II. Fueled by Truth 19
III. Gift of Life 20-23

Quote Slide:
“Christianity asserts that every individual human being is going to live forever, and this must either be true or false. Now there are a good many things which would not be worth bothering about if I were going to live only seventy years, but which I had better bother about very seriously if I am going to live forever. Perhaps my bad temper or my jealousy are gradually getting worse—so gradually that the increase in seventy years will not be very noticeable. But it might be absolute hell in a million years: in fact, if Christianity is true, Hell is the precisely correct technical term for what it would be.” C S Lewis

Personal Reflection & Life Group Questions
Please complete this study on your own or use it in your Life Group for discussion.

Looking back over your notes from this week’s sermon and text, what particularly caught your attention, challenged, or confused you?
Circle all the verbs that show what God does in Romans 6:1–23 and underline all verbs that show what we are called to do.
How will remembering we are all slaves to something help you next time you are tempted with sin?
How would you answer someone who says: “I don’t like Christianity because it restricts my freedom.”?
How could you summarize the gospel message just using Romans 6:23?
Looking back over this week’s sermon and study, what one thing is most important for you to remember and apply as you live sent this week?