Mark 7:24-8:9

Text:    Mark 7:24 –8:9
Title:    The Family of God: Who’s Included?


I. An Enemy’s Faith (7:24-30)

II. A Prophetic Fulfillment (7:31-37)

III. The Eucharistic Compassion (8:1-9)

Small Group Questions

  1. Why can blended families be difficult? Is it the cause of them, the structure of them, something else or all of the above?
  2. Jesus’ mission was “first” to the Jews, then to the Gentiles. What did He mean by this?
  3. How does the reaction and interaction of the Syrophoenician woman contrast with the Pharisees in the story right before in 7:1-23? What can we learn from the contrast?
  4. Read Isaiah 35 (note: the “Lebanon” here is the same region as Trye & Sidon in Mark 7). How does Isaiah’s prophetic words in chapter 35 enhance our understanding of what’s happening in Mark 7:31-37?
  5. Read 8:1-9. What is the significance of this feeding taking place in Gentile territory (indicated by “In those days,” logically linking the event to the location of 7:31-37)? How is Jesus’ compassion and concern for the physical needs of the Gentile crowd indicative of His concern for our spiritual state?
  6. These three stories of Gentile inclusion in God’s family are radical and shocking from a Jewish perspective and would no doubt have comforted the Gentile readers of Mark’s Gospel. What comparisons might we be able to make to our context today?
  7. Spend some time praying for the lost, and that we would be as welcoming and open as Jesus is.